Adiós a la Bohemia

The opera “Adiós a la Bohemia”(“Goodbye to bohemia“) is an operetta (Zarzuela) of a single act, sung in Spanish. Written by Pío Baroja and with music by Pablo Sorozábal, the action takes place in a Madrid café of 1900 (a single stage), telling the story of Ramón (failed artist) and Trini (prostitute) through the memories of both protagonists.

For this project, the scenographic setting will take place in the Madrid of the 30s, at the time of the bohemian artists who met in the cafés of the time.

The work addresses the issue of bad life, drunkenness, etc. and to be back from life after having lived with failed bohemian artists of the time and the bad life that this woman is, who once was her partner and he abandons her for her illusions of success already lost.

It is intended to create the graphic image that identifies and represents the very essence of the opera to be represented. It also seeks to make this graphic image attractive to the target audience, in order to attract as many attendees as possible. For this, the main idea will focus on the concept of “time passing”, “loss of youth” and “dreams frustrated by reality”.

Project Interartes of the Government of the Canary Islands, in collaboration with the Superior Conservatory of Music of Tenerife, The Actor School of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, The Guancha Institute, The Cesar Manrique Institute and the EASD Fernando Estévez of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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