PROPAGANDA Metal is a Spanish heavy metal band (Cantabria), with strong influences of Machine Head, Fear Factory, Pantera or Brujería. They’re always trying to find a personal touch in their music, that usually criticizes the society.

Digital Collage Illustration

The album, called “Días de Miseria” (Days of Misery), denounces both the precarious situation of people in society and in the day to day, as well as the internal miseries of each one of us.

I started to work following this guidelines. I was trying to reach some handmade-finished results. So I decided to use the digital collage technique, by using photo, adhesive tape on paper, and handmade illustration, based on the sketch below.

Final Proposal

This is the final proposal for the cover album art. The use of digital collage with rusty and broken textures, confers an industrial and destroyed aesthetic, which helps to transmit the character of the songs of the Days of Misery album.

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