Agriturismo Settecentoalberi: Branding, Packaging, Signage system

In this case, the client is:
The Settecentoalberi farm, in Venice, Italy.

The farm defends sustainability, Slow Life and healthy life. They have its own food production (crops or animal products) and they offer the possibility of accommodation and consumption of these products. They sale their own products to the public, ranging from bread, vegetables, legumes, to high-level pastry, Sambucco juice, tomato sauce and jams, sweet and savory.

They also offer training, either in cooking, as in agriculture, as in sustainability, as well as the possibility of buying some of their products.

At the controls of the kitchen and the training program is Chef Sabrina Bistoli,  teacher also in the Venice cooking school, which is responsible for preparing the food offered to customers, as well as preparing the products that are then they will sell, always with recipes created by it, and with their products.


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