Identity for SHORE Fifty-One: logo + menu + business cards + advertisings

Branding and menu project for the Shore Fifty-One,  a new cocktail room in Santander (Cantabria, Spain), full of elegance, character, transmiting the genuine style of the classic american cocktail rooms, but also full of new chic proposals in a not-so-serious atmosphere.

The target

The Shore Fifty-One wants to attract a young-average target, with an average purchasing power, who wants to discover a new gourmet experience, have a new favourite place to scape from rutine, and enjoy a special proposal of quality drinks.


Logo Proposal

The leitmotif for this project is “Animal cocktail”, each person is different from the others, but at night, we all become the same nocturnal animals.

Business Cards

Squared, for a different and funny design, but always with an elegant style.

Menu Layout

Developed in a dark victorian aesthetic, playing with old elements regarding to the liquors world.


Several versions of this dark-neon proposal has been developed in order to announce the opening, through social networks like Fabebook or Instagram, and also on printed posters for external supports.

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