Tuttifrutti Identity


Identity + Decorative element for the Bio Restaurant “Tuttifrutti”, Venice.



The restaurant offers vegetarian and vegan food, always with biologic products. The owner wanted a modern aesthetic, related with nature but elegant, young. They have a young and modern target.


Step 1: LOGO


The  logo has been created representing the essence of the brand:  a restaurant of a certain quality, with a certain closeness, not too elegant, not too expensive. An atmosphere created for everyone. And of course, the reference to the biological and nature.




The decorative mural: A traditional, artistic and organic aesthethic, to give an especial character to the place.


In this case, the characteristics of this place were that: the main room was very spacy, the walls were very tall and completely white, and the space in the top was not being using, so they had a big problem with the empty space and the sound. They didn’t want to put some vertical furniture or plants, so I have had to create another solution.


This project has been planned in an initial phase on canvas, and not directly on the wall, due to the need to cover the sound-absorbing panels that would be placed on that wall. Hence the impossibility of creating a custom wall-paper, or painting the concept directly on the wall.


The illustration has been created with acrylic on canvas, photographed at high quality and printed on a cotton fabric of 6 m x 3m (cotton, to let the noise pass to the panels), and everything has been built with a wooden frame behind to make possible to hang it.
Acrylic Paint by
Lucrecia Fraile
Painting process
Behance Gallery

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